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Wholesale Ecommerce | Benefits of Using Kommerce Hub for B2B Wholesale

The wholesale industry is undergoing a profound metamorphosis in the dynamic and constantly changing world of commerce, driven by digitalization. Adopting wholesale e-commerce has become a strategic necessity for companies looking for scalability, efficiency, and streamlined operations as old paradigms give way to new ones. One platform in particular, K-Hub, shines out as a light […]

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How K-Hub Automation Transforms Wholesale Dynamics

Businesses are always looking for methods to streamline processes, boost productivity, and maintain competitiveness in the dynamic world of B2B wholesale and distribution. Automation has evolved into a potent instrument for achieving these objectives with the emergence of cutting-edge technology. K-Hub is an innovative solution, an end-to-end automation platform with an extensive feature set for […]

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B2B eCommerce For Wholesalers and Distributors

In an ever-changing business environment, it is no surprise that digital technology has impacted operations. Specifically, when it comes to Business to Business, e-commerce has entirely changed how wholesalers and distributors communicate with each other and carry out transactions. Recent trends have seen a sharp decline in brick-and-mortar buildings and setups. New businesses are now […]

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How Shopify and Bigcommerce Failing to Help the B2B Wholesale Industry

The increasing adoption of e-commerce platforms has caused a rapid transition in the B2B wholesale industry in recent years. The benefits of online sales channels, such as faster operations, increased market reach, and improved customer experiences, have been acknowledged by businesses from various industries. However, popular e-commerce systems like Shopify and Bigcommerce have needed help […]

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The Best B2B e-commerce Platform For Wholesale Distributors

With the introduction of digital technology and the expansion of e-commerce, the b2b wholesale distributor sector has seen a significant revolution. Wholesale distributors are already embracing online platforms to improve their relationships with clients and suppliers. Wholesale automation makes their business processes faster, and broadens their reach. Khub has become the unchallenged leader in this […]