Inventory, Product & Sale Management

K-Hub stores your inventory and orders in one place, giving you insight into which SKUs are coming in and how much is going out. This information empowers you to order the right quantities to the right location, ahead of time. When your inventory is available across all of your computers, laptops and tablets, you can make confident business decisions from anywhere. KHub creates records every time you receive and fulfil orders from your computer or smartphone. Cost and profit are recorded, too. So you’ll create reliable records just by working and have all the data you’ll need to plan the right next step.



Unlimited brands, categories, sub-categories, ability for products to have multiple categories and be in multiple locations.

Additional Attributes

Add additional attributes to different products in your system.

10,000 + Products

Import 10,000 + products in under 10 seconds

Stock Alerts

Stock Alerts, Units of Measurement, Sell online & offline.


SKUs, UPCs, BIN, MLC and scan these numbers in microseconds.

Multiple Currencies

Pricing schemes, multiple currencies, bulk price changes.

Multiple Locations

Stock transfers through multiple locations.

Reorder Quickly

Reorder quickly with low stock alerts and one click Purchase & Sale order generation.

Find out everything you need to know about K-Hub.

Sales & Invoice tracking that does it all.

Sell, Ship, & Invoice in one place

Most sales systems feature inventory as an add-on, but we built KHub with inventory tracking and the entire sales workflow at its core.

A command centre for your sales

KHub helps you make sales from the laptop at your desk or the smartphone of your customers in their pocket—with full access to sales history and current inventory levels.

Save on shipping

When it's time to ship an order, we can speed this workflow up, too. Thanks to a partnership with EasyPost, you can quickly compare courier rates from USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and more.

Send invoices, receive payments

It’s vital to record the inflows and outflows at your business, but nobody likes to enter information twice. We can automatically push sales, purchases, and inventory value directly to QuickBooks Online or your KHub ledger.

Send sales directly to customer ledger, or QuickBooks

Integrate seamless with quickbooks or utilize our robust financial reporting to always be on top of your business.

Adopting barcodes is easier than you think

Barcodes aren’t just for big box stores. If you pick or receive stock regularly, our built-in barcode support will save you hours each week. Instead of typing product names individually, you can scan them onto orders and lists instead.

Barcodes are your favourite friends with KHub

Adopting barcodes is easier than you think

Built-In Barcode

Our built-in barcode software generates SKUs automatically.Use price scanners—or your iPhone or Android device—to save time.

Scan to receive

Receive products directly to inventory as they arrive.

Speed up everyday work

If you’re not used to barcodes, it might not be clear how they might help you get work done faster. Here are a few examples of how we can help.

Scan to pick products

Pick products off the shelf and take them out of inventory.

Scan to check stock

Perform quick on-the-spot stock checks with one scan.

Scan to adjust stock

Is something missing or damaged? Adjust quantities on the spot.

Scan to transfer stock

Transfer stock from one location to another from any app.

Scan to look up orders

Your purchase and sales orders are barcoded for easy scanning and implementation.