Purchasing & Receiving

Purchase Orders made simple & efficient.

  • Save Time

  • Plan Better

Everyone needs to restock, but too often this is a manual and time-consuming process.we tell you which products you have, how many are on the shelf, in transit, damaged, on-hold and—well, you get the picture.



1. Restock

You’ll have full control over when to reorder, how to reorder, set up the min & max quantities as you please. Never run out of stock or be so overwhelmed that you overstock.

2. Receive

We understand the physical work of receiving products, so your admin team will use the same app as your warehouse team. And excellent mobile support means your staff can stay productive.

3. Automate

Last but not least, you’ll also cut down on double entry. All of your product costs are recorded with each transaction, and you can push financials automatically to QuickBooks Online.

Choose when to restock

Each product you carry has a different “low stock” point—some products are large or expensive and sit around for a few weeks, while other cheaper products fly off the shelves. Use our reorder points to define what you think is low stock, and reorder quantities to show how much to reorder at a time.

Choose where to reorder

Managing inventory across multiple locations can complicate reordering. That’s why our reorder points are location-specific. You’ll know which locations are running low on stock, so you can get the right amount of product to the right place.

Choose how to restock

Along with reorder points and locations, inFlow also gives you control over how to restock. If you have a satellite location that reorders from a main warehouse, you could use a stock transfer instead of a purchase order. Or if you need to assemble a product instead of purchasing it, you can restock by requesting a work order.

Choose who can approve POs

If you deal with large purchases, you might need to implement PO approvals at your business. With us you can pick which team members should be approvers, and set their approval limits. This helps your business guarantee a more stable cash flow by making sure there’s proper oversight on every order.