See visibility in your business with 30+ reports and make proper, profitable decisions.

MSA Reporting

Khub helps you to meet your reporting needs and order fulfillment while minimizing the burden that tedious tasks and reporting place on your team.

Our automated MSA software makes your weekly reporting and data access fast, consistent, reliable and accurate. From product descriptions, sales, returns, customer, inventory, sales representatives and MSA representatives reporting, our software easily handles everything for you, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

  • Easy, Fast & Reliable
  • Easily interfaces with systems of RJR, Phillip Morris, Brown Williams, Lorillard, and Liggett, among other companies.

  • MSA Report generation with a click of a button
  • Access your MSA report from anywhere in the world at any time


Sales by Product Summary

A list of products showing a summary of how much has been sold and purchased.

Sales Order Summary

Shows a summary of financial information for a number of sales orders.

Sales by Profit Report

A list of Sales Orders with the estimated profit of each.

Customer Payment Summary

A list of your customers along with their overall balance and last order date.

Customer Payments by Order

List of sales orders with payment information.

Customer Payment Details

A breakdown of all customer payments including refunds.

Product Customer Report

Shows you all the customers that have ordered a product.

Customer Order History

The detailed contents of the orders that your customers have made in the past.

Customer List

Shows you your customers and their information.

Sales Tax Report

Shows the total amount of Sales Tax that you have collected from customers.

Sales Order Operational Report

A list of Sales Orders with their statuses and requested ship dates.

Sales by Product Details

A report which breaks down the products and sales orders to show you how well a product has been selling.

Back Order Report

Shows you the remaining products that you need to ship out to satisfy your customers’ orders.

Sales Representative Report

Shows you the Sales Orders that each sales representative was responsible for.